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Through multi-media paintings, watercolors, and installations revisiting the fascinating and complex language of the unconscious, Claudia’s seductive yet unsettling creations aim to bewilder the viewer, generating doubts and questions, unleashing desires and dream-like visions. In her attempt to shape the invisible – emotions, feelings, fears, obsessions, reveries – she creates imaginary spaces, juggling reality and fantasy, the ordinary and the unique. Inspired by Surrealism principles and fascinated by psychoanalysis and archetypes nature, Claudia develops her artwork along ambivalent, symbolic, and philosophical themes.

Her latest experimental installation, to be unveiled at the upcoming show, stems from her need to give form to the belief that being human goes beyond biology and materiality. What makes us unique is our ability to think and create, and our desire to communicate. Our spirit calls for expansion and exploration and that is what ultimately leaves a trace of our essence in this world.

Dragonflies and dandelions, flowers composed of a seed head and hundreds of smaller florets, become her inspiration to materialize this process. Light metal filaments ending with corollas modeled as dragonfly wings spread from the seed head – a led lamp – symbol of energy and life that will extinguish with time. The wings, humans’ spiritual side, structured like a unique and delicate netlike grid, act like a DNA imprint embedded in our life essence, guiding our imagination and intuition. At death, like the dandelion florets, the light dies and the invisible product of our spirit leaves our corporeal body by detaching and spreading its wings to disseminate into the world.

Born in Italy in 1978, Claudia Trombin lives and works in New York. She holds a B.A. at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin.

Her work has been exhibited in Europe and New York in several groups and solo shows.


Elena Avesani (CNYC)